Weekly Notices for Sea Sunday: the Fifth Sunday after Trinity


A boat off Shoreham Beach

We continue with our online services whilst we plan how we can safely start public worship in the church building. I hope you’ll be able to join us on Zoom this week for our worship. The PCC is due to meet on 14th July so that we can discuss how to proceed with the new health and safety guidance given by the Church of England. 

We have a small church building but a sizable congregation, so social distancing is not as straightforward for us as it is for some other church communities. We will not be able to gather in the numbers that we would have normally on a Sunday. Sadly, we will be unable to sing together for a while, as this is known to be a health risk. 

At least in the short term it will be important to maintain our internet services alongside physical worship. We will keep you notified of developments on this websites.

This Sunday at our internet service we remember Sea Sunday and the valuable work of the Mission to Seafarers. Given our location, the sea is an important part of parish life, so it is good to remember those who work on the waves.

The Mission to Seafarers

This year we’re being encouraged to celebrate seafarers and thank them for all that they have done to keep to world trading during the lockdown. In response to Covid-19, The Mission to Seafarers has launched its ‘Flying Angel Campaign’. This aims to provide digital chaplaincy for seafarers, and PPE provision in ports. You can find out more by downloading their brochure.

You can also donate to the campaign.

A prayer for Sea Sunday

Lord God, Creator of land and sea, bless those who work at sea. 

Be with them in fair weather and foul, in danger or distress. 

Strengthen them when weary, lift them up when down and comfort them when far from their loved ones.

In this life, bring them safely to shore and, in the life to come, welcome them to your kingdom. 

For Jesus Christ’s sake, Amen. 

From the Mission to Seafarers


Almighty God,

send down upon your Church

the riches of your Spirit,

and kindle in all who minister the gospel your countless gifts of grace;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.


  • Isaiah 55.10-13
  • Psalm 65.1-78-13
  • Romans 8.1-11
  • Matthew 13.1-9,18-23

On the Fence

This is happening this weekend. It’s an outdoor art exhibition on the vicarage fence, featuring art and creativity from members of the church community. 

Donations are welcome and will go to RNLI (in memory of Chris Petty) and St Barnabas Hospice (in memory of Ted Young). Thank you to the fundraising team for organising this event. It runs Saturday and Sunday, 11am to 3pm. 

Social distancing measures are in place at the event. 

Let’s hope for good weather.

10 o’clock Rock

An activity sheet for our children is ready for download. There is a Sea Sunday theme.

Celtic Evening Prayer 

Sorry but there is no service this week on Zoom. The liturgy is available on our website if you’d like to go through the service privately at home.

Gospel Art

Revd Jess illustrates the parable of the sower, this week’s Gospel reading. She writes: 

‘I really struggled with this one ... how to show the parable in a still painting rather than a video ... I toyed with the idea of a seed bagatelle ... However, this was what I ended up with. I was trying to think what the 'opposition' is each time.’ 

Jess has 21 participants signed up for her next prayer painting retreat, which is a great take up.

And finally...

The vicarage fence is ready and waiting for the community artwork arriving this weekend.

Do get in contact if you need any support or just a chat.

Revd Jane