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Our Vision

The Vision set out in the Parish Profile completed when the Good Shepherd was searching for a new Priest in 2007 was the one that had been worked on many years before, which focuses on Living Life to the Full. In the Statement, there are in effect seven linked statements about this full life:

  • Being at the centre of the community
  • Being a living and innovative beacon of prayer
  • Delighting in the whole of God’s creation
  • Welcoming and encouraging all who come
  • Supporting those in need
  • Teaching the faith
  • Exploring a wide range of spiritual traditions.

The Church of the Good Shepherd teaches the Christian faith, and seeks to explore a wide-ranging field of spiritual tradition. It encourages a pattern of living based on Jesus' teaching:

"I have come that you may have Life and have it in all its fullness."


UPDATE Summer 2014

Throughout 2012, the Mission and Renewal Group worked on reviewing our Mission Statement and what it is that we do well as a church and where we need to improve. They conducted a detailed Questionnaire over March and April 2012, and fed back the results to the congregation.  Early in 2013, they prepared a new draft Mission Statement and Mission Action Plan for the PCC to consider and review. The Statement was introduced to the APCM in April and the newly elected PCC confirmed in May 2013 that this provided an excellent summary of the Church. It states:

We are called to be witnesses to God's love
within our Church and the local community

The whole Statement can be accessed by clicking here.    The PCC met in July 2014 and invited members of the Mission and Renewal Group to discuss the more detailed Plan for the future.   The results will, over the next year or so, help the Good Shepherd to plan ahead for those things they want to keep and enhance, those things that need amending and those things that we would like to see introduced. Watch this space!

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