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Prayer Requests


There is a book on the altar in the Church in which you are invited to write the name of anyone for whom you would like prayer. However, please make sure you have asked the person’s permission before including any name. Those in the book are prayed for at every service and daily by our Home Intercessors team.


The Prayer Chain, started over 25 years ago, consists of a group of people who pray for a certain situation or person at a specific time. The request for prayer is given to the co-ordinator, and, depending on the need, the request is passed down the chain straight away or at about 6 o’clock in the evening when most people are at home.

An emergency request for prayer could be made when someone has died suddenly, or if there has been a sudden onset of illness, a burglary, fire, flooding, traffic accident or an emergency admission to hospital. A less urgent request, which would be put out in the evening, could be the date of an operation, an important interview, the commencement of treatment, or perhaps an appointment with a GP or consultant.

The number of requests vary each week. We pray for people from around the world, and for people of different faiths and no faith at all. Thank you messages are also passed around the Chain, as these can be very encouraging for those who pray. The Prayer Chain Co-ordinator is Liz Beeston and she can be contacted on 01273 454685 or by e-mail at  These details can also be found in the Church Porch or in "Shore Line" Magazine.

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