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Sunday Morning Services

Almost every Sunday morning of the year we have two Services of Worship: one at 8am which has no music, and one at 10am which has plenty, including accompaniment by one or more musicians and a choir. The style of worship here is, generally speaking, informal - our choir does not robe, and nor do our servers, we do not use incense and there is often much laughter. We are capable, of course, of solemnity when that is called for, but in general the Church of the Good Shepherd's worship tends towards the spirit-filled joy of experiencing God's love in the company of friends.

Our 8am Worship is a service of Holy Communion (when we share bread and wine), and follows the Church of England's Common Worship pattern - which is a modern language service. There are two Bible Readings, a sermon, prayers of intercession led by a member of the congregation and the sharing of the Peace and of bread and wine, and the whole service takes approximately 45 minutes.

Our 10am Worship, which is usually a service at which we share Holy Communion, also follows Common Worship as above, but a number of aspects of the service are sung, and we enjoy our hymn singing, which tends to be an eclectic mix of new and old. We are usually joined by our children and young people towards the end of the service, as we share Communion, who have been enjoying their own time together at 10 O'clock Rock. Overall, this Service tends to take about an hour and a quarter, and is followed by time for coffee, biscuits and fellowship in the Church Hall. At least once a month we have a Fair Trade Stall in the Hall, and sometimes garden produce or eggs are sold.

On the First Sunday of every month the service will be in a different format from the usual. We called it, very logically, the First Sunday Service. If you are new to church, or if you are bringing children along, this might well be the best place to start. To find out what's going on each Sunday, go to the "All the News" section of this website. There you will find a list of Worship and Events coming up, and a copy of the Weekly Notice Sheet handed out each Sunday with details of the Diary for the week. This page is usually updated on a Monday or Tuesday with the week's news. Apologies if this hasn't happened when you check - it may be that the person responsible is away that week and will update as soon as possible.

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