Newsletter 1st August 2021




 Ninth Sunday after Trinity

1st August 2021


Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry.’ John 6. 35. Art by Revd Jess - see below.

You can now attend the Sunday service at 10am without booking. We will facilitate a one metre gap between households and keep the doors open. Please wear a face covering (unless you are exempt). We will sing parts of the liturgy and also a hymn outside at the end. Our service is all age and we hope some of our families will join us.

There’s coffee in the hall after the service – but please bring your own hot drinks in a flask! Cold drinks will be provided in paper cups. Weather permitting, some tables will be outside. We ask that you wear a face mask when you move around inside the hall, but can take these off when seated. We will need volunteers to make the return to coffee after church possible, so please speak to Revd Jane if you can help.

It is wonderful to ease some of the lockdown restrictions and have the opportunity to socialise again.


Gracious Father,

revive your Church in our day,

and make her holy, strong and faithful,

for your glory’s sake

in Jesus Christ our Lord.



Exodus 16.2-4,9-15,  Psalm 78.23-29, 
Ephesians 4.1-16, John 6.24-35

Sea Lights is on a summer break until 12th September. Daisy has some dates for fun family activities in the summer holidays. More details have been emailed out to our families.

Labyrinth in the sand - Shoreham Beach - 20th of August - 2.30pm-5pm

Nature Trail - the river bank - 29th of August - 11am-3pm


Duck Race

It was disappointing to have to cancel the duck race last Sunday because of the weather. Revd Steve is looking at a new date either late August or early September. We will keep you posted.


Zoom coffee

Sorry, but there is no Zoom coffee this week.



Bob’s Card Sale

On Sunday, 8th August after the 10.00 Sunday Service. In the Church Hall Car Park from the boot of his car. A variety of cards for sale, all at £1 each.

All proceeds go to The Church of the Good Shepherd.


Piano Repair

Some keys on our electric piano are not functioning. We are waiting for a repair, and in the meanwhile apologies if we miss some notes during the music. It is not the fault of our musicians.


Bible Art John 6.24-35 (see top of newsletter)

This painting shows manna falling from heaven through bread being broken, and the whole surrounded by the glory of God.

For generations, over much of the world, the staple diet was some kind of bread, something baked from flour. If a stranger came to your house, it was bread which would be offered first to assuage their hunger ... even now in a Greek restaurant you will be given bread and oil to eat whilst waiting for your meal. It seems that bread=hospitality, and represents the hospitality of God too towards us. 

The concept that manna was heavenly bread made great sense, and Jesus referring to himself as the bread of life would have made sense as an extension of that idea. In this sense Jesus talking about himself as bread represents even more profoundly the hospitality of God towards us.

I wonder to what extent bread is the food that children of the richer worlds think of when they are hungry? Would it be harder for them to grasp the richness of the Biblical images around bread shared and given, reflecting the nature of the God who loves us so much?

Revd Jess



Sea Kelp Art Installation



Until the 1980s there were extensive kelp forests along the Sussex coastline, but these have been much destroyed by fishing. Kelp is a large type of seaweed that forms under water forests and is crucial for the marine ecosystem. After successful campaigning from environmental groups the new Sussex Nearshore Trawling Byelaw has been introduced. The sea bed between Chichester to Brighton is now protected from bottom-towed trawling boats.  It is hoped that the kelp will return, and with it, all sorts of marine life.


To celebrate this landmark conservation programme, we are creating a community sea kelp art installation to be displayed during September. Revd Jess, Judy and Hilary are working together to decorate the walls of our church with images of kelp and marine creatures that inhabit these underwater forests. If you would like to contribute to this art work (adults and children) contact Revd Jess. She has images of the sea life that we’d like to depict. These creatures can be painted, drawn, made with needlework, wool, felt, and collage - whatever inspires you!  A file with some of these images is sent out with this newsletter.

The art installation has been planned to mark the church season of Creationtide between 1st September to 4th October.

You don’t have to be ‘good at art’, just willing to have a go! You can email Revd Jess for more information about what is needed:

For more information about the Sussex Kelp Restoration Project visit the Sussex Wildlife Trust

Sussex Kelp Restoration Project | Sussex Wildlife Trust


And finally…

Last Sunday we had our first baptism at the Good Shepherd since the pandemic hit. It was lovely to welcome baby Edward into the Christian faith. Here he is with his family. Many congratulations to them.

Blessings and prayers for you all. Please get in contact if you’d like a chat about anything. I work half-time and my usual working days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and also Sunday morning.

Revd Jane Email: Tel: 079355 38085.




Services this


Sunday, 1st August

8am – Holy Communion in church with Revd Steve.

10am – All Age Parish Communion in church with Revd Steve.

This service will be live streamed onto our Facebook and You Tube channel.


You Tube page CLICK HERE

Church Facebook page CLICK HERE



Tuesday, 3rd August

9.30am - Informal Holy Communion

With Revd Jane.


Wednesday, 4th August

6pm Celtic Evening Prayer on  


CLICK HERE         

Meeting ID: 868 1252 3106

Passcode: 960274

Friday 6th August

8am – Meditation with Morning

Prayer on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 513293120

This will also take place in the vicarage garden, weather permitting.

(No password is needed )  Click here LINK

Evening Prayer

This is said at 5.30pm from St Marys via Zoom on

Monday and Wednesday, at 5.30pm. If

you want to attend contact Canon Ann for the

link. Email:



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