Weekly Notices: The Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity, 13th September, 2020


green hills

The Church of England now encourages us to celebrate Creationtide (or the Season of Creation) each year between 1st September to 4th October. This is a time dedicated to God as Creator and Sustainer of all life. The theme for Creationtide 2020 is Jubilee for the Earth. The Church of England writes: 

Jubilee is a time of rest of for the land from exploitation, and to restore ecosystems and people. 

Creationtide includes harvest festival and ends on the feast of St Francis, a saint cherished for his love of animals and nature.

Climate Sunday will also be launched during the Season of Creation. In the year leading up to the UN global climate change talks in November 2021 (COP26), we are being encouraged to hold a special Climate Sunday service or event, to make a commitment to tackle climate change, and to raise our voices to call on world leaders to do the same.

It is heartening to see the church worldwide taking seriously our responsibility for good stewardship of the earth, and our service this Sunday will pick up on this theme. We have Christine Diebel’s beautiful colourful banners hanging behind the altar for the season, depicting the Genesis story of the six days of creation, and a day of rest. Do pop into church and have a look at them.

Our worship in coming weeks

You would have read in the news about the changing regulations over social gatherings. We have been told by the Church of England that this thankfully does not affect public worship and we are still able to gather in church, but with all the social distancing measures we have put carefully in place.

"Worship is the work of God — not a social gathering — and gives the strength to love and serve,” said Archbishop Justin Welby this week. We will need to be flexible in the months to come to respond to our changing context, but this remains our pattern of worship for now.

  • 1st Sunday of the month – 8am Holy Communion in church, 10am all age Zoom service 
  • 2nd Sunday of the month – 8am Zoom service, 10am Holy Communion in church
  • 3rd Sunday of the month – 8am Zoom service, 10am Holy Communion in church
  • 4th Sunday of the month – 8am Zoom service, 10am Holy Communion in church

We are simplifying our 8am Zoom service to make things more manageable for the ministry team. This will mean that there are not pre-recorded elements to watch on You Tube or Facebook simultaneously as the Zoom service, but you will be able to watch the sermon and hymns later that day on You Tube.

I do hope this pattern enables you to come to church regularly and to join us on Zoom at other times.

Collect for Creationtide

God our Father, you never cease the work you have begun
and prosper with your blessing all human labour: make us
wise and faithful stewards of your gifts that we may serve the
common good, maintain the fabric of our world and seek that
justice where all may share the good things you pour upon us;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns
with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.


Genesis 50.15-21, Psalm 103.[1-7]8-13, Romans 14.1-12, Matthew 18.21-35

How to book for next week’s Holy Communion service in church, Sunday 20th September, 10am

  • This is the TryBooking link for booking places https://www.trybooking.co.uk/TKB
  • Click on the link then follow the instructions. Booking will be open from Monday to Thursday for the following Sunday.
  • If you are not on the internet and cannot book on-line, please phone the office (01273 440202) between Monday and Thursday and Sue or Jenny will book you in.
  • You will only be able to book one Sunday at a time. This is to prevent the same people booking every week, as it may be that more people than we can accommodate wish to come to the service. Once the service is full, if you have been unsuccessful and would like to attend the following Sunday, please tell the office immediately (email or phone) and you will be given a priority place ahead of the Monday to Thursday booking times
  • 22 places will be offered (an additional three places are reserved each week for our reader, intercessor and sacristan). It may be that there are still places left after the booking times of Monday to Thursday. In this case anyone can book a place on Friday/Saturday.


The latest issue of our magazine is now available. Thank you to Adam and the contributors.

Bible Art

Revd Jess writes about this week’s Gospel which is the parable of the unforgiving slave.

‘The slave was given an immense gift of forgiveness, but passed on a bomb to his debtor who owed a much lesser debt. The parable makes it quite clear that this is an unforgivable way of behaving.

This parable relates strongly to the lines in the Lord's prayer ...

Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us ...

but this could also be turned round to help us to forgive others as you have forgiven us; a circle of forgiving and being forgiven energised by the gratitude in our hearts towards our Lord’.

Delayed APCM and electoral roll

Churches have been given permission by Bishop Martin to hold their APCMs on the internet. This will enable the maximum number of people to participate. This is our meeting that was meant to have happened in April. The new date is 7.30pm, Tuesday October 27th on Zoom. More details to follow.

ANNUAL REVISION of The Church of the Good Shepherd ELECTORAL ROLL

The annual revision of the church electoral roll will occur between Tuesday, 22nd September 2020 and Tuesday, 12th October 2020. If you are currently not on the electoral roll and wish to play a full part in Parish life, please contact Geoff Holme at church or via email.

Live streaming arrangements for Sunday 13 September to welcome bishops Ruth & Will

On Sunday 13 September the diocese formally welcomes Bishop Ruth and Bishop Will at special services to be held in the Cathedral. The two services of welcome (two because of social distancing) will be live streamed so everyone further afield will be able to join in the celebrations.

Here is a link if you would like to watch the services.

+Will who is now the Bishop of Lewes and +Ruth, who is new Bishop of Horsham will be formally installed at 2pm and 3.30pm respectively.

At each service the new bishop will be supported by the presence of family and friends and each will attend the others' service.

Bishop Martin said recently: 

“The installation of bishops Ruth and Will is going to mark their incorporation into the life of the diocese, and we welcome them with a great sense of confidence and hope. This is the very best welcome we can give them and their families in the present circumstances and it’s great that the installations will be streamed, enabling many others to join us on-line.”

Together with Bishop Martin, the new bishops will launch their ministry by ordaining new deacons and priests individually in churches right across the Diocese in the weeks ahead.

From the Diocesan Communications team sent on behalf of the Bishop's Office, The Palace, Chichester.

And finally...


Thanks go to Christine Diebel who has made me this wonderful green chasuble for Ordinary Time. It is perfect to wear for Creationtide.

Please contact me if you would like a chat or ask for prayer. Revd Jane.