Social and Fundraising Events

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  Ted's 'Deep Joy' Gig  

7:30pm, SAT, 18 NOV
Church of the Good Shepherd,
Kings Walk, Shoreham Beach

Regrettably, the VIVACE! concert,
planned for this date, has had to be cancelled.

But the inveterate Ted Young has stepped up to the plate
to offer new songs and other stuff,
plus interval ninks & dribbles!

No tickets - just a bucket collection
(Please give generously - all proceeds to COGS funds )

  Christmas Craft and Cake Fayre  
  with Father Christmas  

Afternoon, SAT, 09 DEC

Details to follow



This is a very easy and painless way to contribute to our church funds.

Click HERE to go to the website
and register yourself against Church of the Good Shepherd, Shoreham-by-Sea.

Every time you browse or shop online, retailers registered with the scheme are flagged up.
The retailer donates the indicated percentage to our church if you buy online from them.

There is no cost to YOU - it's paid by the RETAILER

Thousands of pounds have been raised by other churches in this way.


Have you signed up yet? Several people have,
but we need a lot more support to provide a real benefit to our church.

Our Progress in September:
New Supporters: 4;    Money raised: £2.73

[ Total Supporters: 10;    Total money raised: £9.27 ]

For more information, speak to Jonathan Marshall.