Coming back to public worship in church


What should I do before coming?

You will need to book your place using the TryBooking link provided each week in the newsletter and on this website. Alternatively you can ring the parish office to reserve a place. We have to keep your details for 21 days for the NHS Track and Trace system

What will it be like when I arrive?

Sanitiser will be available at the door. Please use it when you enter the church and again when you leave. You will need to bring a facemask and wear it during the service.

A member of the welcome team will greet you at the door and check your name on the attendance sheet. You will be shown to a seat which allows for 2 metres social distancing. If you come as a household or bubble you can sit together. Children should stay with their parents/carers. Some pews are cordoned off. A service sheet will be on the seat. This is safe for you to use as it has been quarantined and not used by anyone else for more than 72 hours.

What will the service be like?

We will use our regular liturgy but there will be no singing or a procession. We cannot shake hands during the peace, but we can still wave and smile!

Anyone reading, preaching or saying prayers during the service will take their masks off, but the lectern has been moved back so that it is further away.

The collection plate will not be passed around and instead there will be a basket for you to drop your offerings into as you leave.

It might feel a bit breezy in church as we will leave the main doors open and the flower vestry fire escape door to allow air to circulate.

We ask you not to use the kneelers to reduce our need for cleaning.

How about Holy Communion?

The sacristan has washed/sanitised their hands before setting up for the Eucharist. The priest will be taking extra precautions when handling the elements – using hand sanitiser and keeping the wafers covered throughout the prayer. You will receive just the Communion bread. The priest will put on a mask for distribution, and will drop the wafer into your hand without saying any words. You can briefly take your masks off or adjust them so that you can consume the consecrated bread.

The welcomer will steward people up one pew at a time. People return to their pew before the next pew goes forward. This might take a bit longer than usual, but that will give us all more time for prayer!

What happens at the end?

The welcomer will guide you out, one pew at a time. Please leave your service sheet on your seat. Avoid gathering in the porch. You can sanitise your hands outside the church. We’re sorry but we cannot offer any refreshments at the moment.

Anything else?

The toilet in the church will be open for the service, but please make sure you wash your hands well.

Those at extra risk and the ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ are advised about the risks of attending public worship, but the decision to do so is theirs alone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We want the service to be as safe as possible for everyone, and a spirit filled and life giving experience.