Newsletter 10th October 2021




 The Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity

10th October 2021


‘It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.’ Mark 10.25

This week we’ve been asked by the diocese to remember safeguarding in a new church initiative called Safeguarding Sunday. We give thanks for all those behind the scenes who work to make our church a safer place for all, especially in our care for children and vulnerable adults. We pray for our safeguarding officer Emma Purser, supported by Jonathan Marshall. We give thanks for all the work they do making sure the right people have DBS checks (a criminal record check) and have been appropriately trained in safeguarding. If you ever have any concerns about safeguarding please speak to Emma or Jonathan.

Safeguarding Sunday Prayer

Loving God, we come to you in the knowledge that you hold all your children in unconditional love. We lift to you those who are vulnerable and in need of protection.
Give them your safety, comfort and peace. We cry to you for those who are hurting and whose trust has been broken.
Give them your healing, restoration and justice. We bring to you those who seek to forgive others who have hurt them.
Give them your strength, courage and hope. For those who by their actions or attitudes have caused hurt and harm to others,
lead them to seek your forgiveness and to enter into true repentance. Thank you for all who give their time, knowledge, and skills to make our communities safer.
Give them your wisdom, guidance and grace. For ourselves, we ask you to give us your heart for the vulnerable, the oppressed, the voiceless and the forgotten. Help us to see them as you see them; to value them as you value them, and to nurture and protect them as you desire. Help each one of us play our part in creating safer places for all your people. In your name we pray, Amen


Faithful Lord,

whose steadfast love never ceases

and whose mercies never come to an end:

grant us the grace to trust you

and to receive the gifts of your love,

new every morning,

in Jesus Christ our Lord.



Amos 5.6-7,10-15, Psalm 90.12-17, Hebrews 4.12-16, Mark 10.17-31

This week Sea Lights meets in our hall at 10am and joins us in the service during Communion. New children are always welcome.


Canon Ann’s Retirement

It has been announced that Canon Ann has taken the difficult decision to retire next January. Her last Sunday in the benefice will be January 23rd. She will be very sorry to leave Shoreham where it has been such a privilege and joy to serve for nearly ten years and where she has made so many good friends.


Living in Love & Faith

This is an important new course developed by the Church of England, aiming to help Christians think more deeply about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage. It offers a wealth of resources for discussion. Every church has been asked to consider offering the course. Our benefice is joining up with our friends in the parish of Kingston Buci. Father James Grant is offering the course on these evenings: 13th, 20th October and 3rd November, 7.30-9pm at St Julian's Hall.  This is how Fr James introduces the course:

“Living in Love and Faith”

Earlier this year the Church of England entered a process of discernment following a report to General Synod on faithfully living out our faith and responding to issues of gender and sexuality. The parishes in our United Benefice will be responding to this challenge by offering the Living in Love and Faith course in October. You can find more information on “Living in Love and Faith” on

We will be meeting together to have this conversation in a safe and respectful environment.
Let us pray for the Spirit to lead us in this conversation as we listen to one another and discern where the Holy Spirit leads us at this time.

Please contact Revd Jane if you would like to know more or attend.

Bob’s Cards Sale

On Sunday 10th October, after the 10.00 Sunday Service in the church hall.

A variety of cards for sale including Christmas Cards at £1 each.

All proceeds go to The Church of the Good Shepherd.


Sea Kelp Exhibition

This will be coming down during the week of 11th October. Many thanks to everyone who took part. It has been a great way to engage with the wider community and support a valuable conservation project.


Bible Art Mark 10.17-31

Sometimes people say that Jesus was referring to a gateway to Jerusalem which was called 'The Eye of the Needle', but this week we have had the 'Pandora' leaks which show how so many of the ultra-rich are tempted to use systems which stop them from paying taxes, and have not been able to resist that temptation. To part with their money would clearly be as hard as getting a camel through the eye of a sewing needle. Some people are like St Francis, and do quietly give their money away and live frugally themselves, but they are very rare. For all of us the whole culture of the society in which we live is based on accumulating money, and resisting that temptation is really hard, and few of us can live the whole of our lives without giving in to that temptation? Consider this question ... what would you do if you won £50 in the National lottery? What about if you won £500?  £5,000? £5,000,000? £5billion? What are your first thoughts?

What would be the right thing to do in the Kingdom of God? How hard would it be for you (or me) to resist the temptation to keep control of that money?

Revd Jess


Mission Action Planning

Every parish has been asked by the diocese to develop a new mission action plan. This is to enable us to identify opportunities and priorities for mission and our life together. As part of this process you are all invited to a special coffee time in the hall after the 10am service on Sunday 24th October. We will take time over cake and coffee to share thoughts and ideas in an enjoyable and fun way. Save the date and come along.

Lamb’s Tales is now back in church every Friday morning, 9.15am to 10.45am.

New Email for Church Wardens

If you need to contact either Emma, Penny or our deputy church warden Kay please use the following new email:

This is for church warden matters only, rather than personal emails. The shared email will help us centralise communications. Many thanks to our wardens for setting this up.


Morning Meditation with Lectio Divina

After more than a year on Zoom (or the vicarage garden), the Friday morning meditation with lectio divina group is again meeting in St Mary de Haura. You can also still join the group on Zoom. For those attending in person there is breakfast and discussion to follow (for those who wish) in the parish centre. 

We also have a new meditation with lectio divina group starting at the Good Shepherd every Saturday morning at 8am. This is run in partnership with the Brighton and Hove Centre for Spirituality, a group that explores contemplative Christianity. The guided meditation and lectio divina practice lasts for an hour and is followed by coffee, croissants and discussion for those who wish to stay. This group can also be joined on Zoom.


Raising Money

We are pleased to report that the quiz night raised £192 for the church.  Richard Durrant’s concert raised £610 for the St Francis Fund. The labyrinth walk and Underwater Sussex talk raised £235 for the Marine Conservation Society. Thank you to everyone who helped with these events and those who donated.


Messy Church for Harvest

If you know of a family that might like to come, please help spread the word.



A new choir for children and young people

The church is hosting a new choir run by Daisy Durrant. We wish Daisy all the best with her new group.



And finally…


We’ve had a big thank you from the Shoreham Food Bank for our harvest donations. The collection, done in partnership with the Shoreham Beach Resident’s Association, topped out at 139kgs in weight. Dai Hudd, a volunteer who helps run the food bank, writes:

‘This comes at a time where folk who are needy are coping with reductions in Universal Credit and rising costs. Generous donations such as this help us provide some of the support needed by families and individuals who are facing such challenges. Your kindness does make a difference. On behalf of all of us who volunteer at the Shoreham Foodbank a very big thank you!’


I work half-time and my usual days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday morning. Please get in contact if you want prayer support or just a chat!

Blessings and prayers for you all.

Revd Jane Email:

Tel: 079355 38085.

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Services this Week


Sunday, 10th October

8am – Holy Communion with Canon Ann.

10am – Parish Communion with Revd Peter and Canon Ann.

This service will be live streamed onto our Facebook and You Tube channel.


You Tube page CLICK HERE

Church Facebook page CLICK HERE


Tuesday, 12th October

9.30am - Informal Holy Communion with Revd Jane.



Wednesday 13th October

6pm – Celtic Evening Prayer on Zoom



Meeting ID: 868 1252 3106

Passcode: 960274


Friday 15th October

8am – Meditation with Morning

Prayer at St Mary de Haura and on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 513293120

 (No password is needed )  Click here LINK

Saturday 16th October

8am – Meditation with Lectio Divina

At the Good Shepherd and on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 166073397 (no password needed)

Click here LINK

Evening Prayer

This is said at 5.30pm from St Marys via Zoom on

Monday and Wednesday, at 5.30pm. If

you want to attend contact Canon Ann for the

link. Email:


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