Weekly Notices for the Sixth Sunday after Trinity, 19th July 2020


Christ on the cross

We are now looking forward to resuming public worship in church beginning in August. However there are limitations in what we can offer at this time. Given the new guidance, we can only fit 25 people into our church, allowing for 2 metre social distancing. 

The PCC decided this week that the 8am service will be in church, and for now we will continue with our Zoom service at 10am. Once a month this will be reversed, and there will be a Zoom service at 8am and a church service at 10am. People who find it challenging to get to church for 8am can have priority at this 10am service.

A booking system will be put in place for church attendance to ensure that we regulate the numbers and give everyone a chance to attend. We also have to keep a record of who comes for track and trace. The hope is that everyone who wants to attend a Holy Communion service in church will be able to do so at least once a month. 

Sadly, there can be no singing at the church service, but we will continue with our hymns on Zoom. The church will need to be shut after the Sunday service, until the following day when it will be cleaned.

The PCC plans to meet early in September to review how it is working, and make changes as necessary. I hope we will all find a way to make the most of the new pattern of worship, imperfect as it is, given the difficulties of our context. 

We might see this as step one of a phased return to our public worship. It is good that the Zoom service is so successful, and many have been able to join. There will be more and fuller information in the coming weeks. In the meanwhile, keep joining us on Zoom this month if you can, or watch elements of the services on You Tube or Facebook.


Creator God,
you made us all in your image:
may we discern you in all that we see, and serve you in all that we do; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Wisdom of Solomon 12.13, 16-19 or Isaiah 44.6-8, Psalm 86.11-17, Romans 8.12-25, Matthew 13.24-30,36-43

On The Fence Art Exhibition

Thank you to the fundraising team for organising such a successful event. The sun shone and people enjoyed the art and the opportunity to see each other, even at a distance. We have much artistic and creative talent at the church to celebrate. George informs us that the event raised more than £500 to be split between the RNLI and St Barnabas Hospice. Well done everyone.

Art and this week’s readings

The whole of creation groaning

Revd Jess writes:

‘This painting was inspired by both the Romans 8 reading and the end of the Gospel reading (Matthew 13:43) I thought this photo of the Earth could represent the whole of creation groaning, and waiting to be set free from its bondage to decay, along with all the suns which are visible in this unusual photo. The squiggly figures are the righteous shining like suns in the kingdom of their Father, and they are arising from the healing of the Earth, which they, in Christ, have brought about.’


Celtic Evening Prayer

Sorry, there is no Celtic Evening prayer this week.

10 o’clock Rock

Please see the attached children’s activity sheet for this week.

And finally...

I’m due to take some time off over the next two weeks. It will be lovely to have a rest after all the demands that have come with the pandemic. John and I plan to do an online retreat as part of the holiday time. It’s so exciting how many places and people are now offering retreats through the internet, making this sort of experience widely available.

If you need to contact someone from church whilst I am taking time out, please speak to the Parish Office (Tel: 01273 440202) or to Canon Ann.


Revd Jane