Weekly Notices: The First Sunday after Trinity, 14th June 2020


We’re now entering the season of Ordinary Time. It’s the longest season in the church’s year that will take us all the way to the Sunday before Advent. It’s marked by the colour green, which seems really appropriate as it now includes a relatively new church season, called ‘Creationtide’ (1st September to 4th October) when we remember our relationship with creation. 

You’ll find a service sheet to download for Holy Communion during Ordinary Time for you to print, if you’re able, for our Zoom services. Full service details are available here on the site.

Paula Gooder, in her book about this season (Everyday God, Canterbury Press), writes that:

‘it’s a good time of year to stop and reflect about the importance of ordinariness.’ 

She goes on:

‘I remain positively convinced that we need to look again at the spirituality of ordinariness because without a proper understanding of the importance of ordinariness, our lives become an impoverished waiting room, as we loiter between one big event and another.’ 

As we continue at this time of lockdown to find our lives bereft of all our usual activities and excitements, we certainly have ample opportunity to celebrate the ordinary in all its forms and find majesty in the mundane.


Genesis 18.1-15 21.1-7, Psalm 116.1,10-17, Romans 5.1-8, Matthew 9.35 - 10.8 9-23


God of truth,

help us to keep your law of love and to walk in ways of wisdom, that we may find true life

in Jesus Christ your Son.

The sending out of the twelve

Art by Revd Jess

Revd Jess has done a painting to illustrate this week’s Gospel reading. She writes:

‘The bit that struck me and I have tried to express is that Jesus said 'If the house is worthy, let your peace rest upon it; but if it is not worthy, let your peace return to you.' So I have shown the disciples carrying their peace, and letting it come upon some of the houses (which a fluorescent green) The unworthy houses are brown and dark, and the disciples are carrying their peace away from those houses, and shaking the dust off their feet. What intrigues me was that Jesus did not say it was his peace, but their peace. The houses/villages which have welcomed the disciples, where the healing, and sharing of the gospel would occur, would bring Kingdom of God near to them ... which I have indicated with bright colours round the houses. The other houses are dark and full of the unhealed things, and spread that darkness around them.’

Opening up the church for private prayer

The Government made an announcement on 7th June that churches can be opened for private prayer from Monday 15th June. This date was later moved forward to 13th

June. Bishop Martin welcomes this, but writes:

‘This announcement will also cause anxiety to some people, clergy and laity alike. It is essential that access to our church buildings is a joyful experience, not the source of fear. We will approach this in different ways and we must respect the differences we bring.’ 

Each church has to do a risk assessment and put various procedures into place so that we can open as safely as possible when we are ready. We’ll be working on this in the days to come with a view to opening the church as soon as is practical next week. 

We’ll publicise developments here on our website and Facebook page, as well as next week’s newsletter. I’m sure some of you will much appreciate being able to come into church to light a candle.

A message from Sandy Petty about her husband Chris’s funeral

‘I have received the web link for Chris’s Funeral Service, which you are welcome to join if you wish. We will miss you being there. Please just click on the link below at the noted time to observe our service. Thank you for all the Love and Prayers that are surrounding us. Under the circumstances, we felt this was the most appropriate way of including our Family and Friends. At some later date, post Covid, we will be holding a Thanksgiving Service for Chris that everyone can attend. All my Love, Sandy x’

Donations, if desired, can be sent in Chris’s memory to the RNLI or the BHF c/o H. D. Tribe Ltd, 130 Broadwater Road, Worthing

BN14 8HU, Tel: 01903 234516 or online.

The webcast facility for the funeral service of Mr Christopher Petty, which is to take place at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday 25th June 2020 at the H. D. Tribe Chapel, Broadwater. Below is also the password you will require to access the webcast. The webcast usually goes live about five minutes before the start of the service. Password – petty25c

Afternoon Study and Fellowship 

Wednesday, 17th June 3.30pm to 5pm.

Love is His Meaning

We gather on Zoom to watch a pre-recorded talk from St Paul’s Cathedral, followed by discussion. This week, Keith Ward argues that Jesus’ teaching changed the world, yet his sayings can often seem cryptic and hard to understand. Keith Ward, one of the most distinguished theologians at work today, has spent a lifetime studying the Gospels. He finds the figures of speech and images that Jesus used are all ways of expressing and evoking the self-giving love of God, supremely manifested in Jesus’ own life. Here is the link if you’d like to come.

A notice from George Hickman

‘A decision was made to dedicate the exhibition to Chris Petty and Ted Young. Each picture displayed will cost the exhibitor £2 Visitors will be asked £1. Some of the pictures may be for sale, please support the artists. The exhibition will be a safe environment for everyone. The proceeds will be divided between the RNLI for Chris and the St Barnabas Hospice for Ted. Last entry for pictures will be 8th July, along with your name and title. Please support this endeavour, we look forward to seeing all of you.

Take care, George’ 

Volunteer Cleaners Wanted

If you don’t consider yourself in a high risk group for health and would like to volunteer with cleaning the church on a rota basis, please get in contact with Revd Jane. When our church re-opens for private prayer we will need to take extra precautions to keep it clean. Thank you to those of you who have already offered.

Pebbles Pre-school

We’re pleased that Pebbles Pre-school is returning to the hall from 22nd June on a reduced basis, and in line with the latest Government guidelines. We wish them well with their return.

And Finally

The Church of the Good Shepherd, Shoreham Beach, during World War II, when the beach was cleared of buildings

I’ve been given this historic postcard by Norma Karn, the sister of the late Gerald Karn, a local man whose funeral I recently took. Norma found this image in her brother’s possessions. It’s a shot of the Church of the Good Shepherd during World War II. I’ve seen similar images before, but not one taken from this long distance. Many thanks Norma for sharing it with us. 

How different it all now looks, reminding us of people’s great capacity to rebuild and reorder the world after a time of crisis.

Do contact me if you need any support or prayers...or just chat, with blessings,

Revd Jane