Weekly Notices for the Twelfth Sunday after Trinity


I will be licensed as your Associate Vicar this coming week on Wednesday 2nd September at 9.30am by Archdeacon Martin Lloyd Williams. The Eucharistic service will be at the Good Shepherd, and all our Covid 19 measures will apply. This means that we can only seat 25 people in the church. I’ve invited the PCC (and their partners) to attend, alongside some of my family. I’m sorry that there is not space for more people. We will live stream the service, using my mobile phone, onto the Church of the Good Shepherd Facebook page for others to watch at home. 

If you don’t use Facebook you can still view the streaming on the church website – our Facebook posts are embedded into the home page.

It’s unusual for a curate to be able to stay in their training parish. Normally we have to leave and serve somewhere else after our three years of curacy. I am grateful that Bishop Martin has allowed me to remain with you in this half-time role. 

The Good Shepherd is such a unique church community, relaxed and joyful, with its own vibrancy and we are profoundly blessed by our shoreline location. I’m surrounded by wonderful colleagues and parishioners, and it’s good to be working alongside the historic town church of St Mary de Haura in our benefice. 

I’m looking forward to the next phase here on the beach in which I hope we can all be drawn ever deeper into the love of God - an adventure in faith that calls us to reach out into our community, building up the kingdom wherever we see it breaking into the world.

Do pray for me and the life of our parish on Wednesday.


God of constant mercy,
who sent your Son to save us:
remind us of your goodness, 
increase your grace within us, 
that our thankfulness may grow, 
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


  • Jeremiah 15.15-21
  • Psalm 26.1-8
  • Romans 12.9-21
  • Matthew 16.21-28

Family Communion Service

We’re holding an outdoor Communion service for families, with craft and story, in the vicarage garden Sunday September 13th, 3pm (weather permitting). You will need to book for this as it is socially distanced and numbers are limited. If you’d like to attend with your children contact Daisy by email.

It will be great to have an outdoor opportunity to gather together with our families whilst the weather is still warm.

Richard Durrant Open Air Harvest Concert

With support from The Kites, 5th September, North Park Farm, Church Lane, Albourne. BN6 9BY. Open from 2pm. Music from 3pm - 6pm. All social distancing regulations apply

For tickets and more info: www.richarddurrant.com

Children’s activity sheet

An activity sheet for the 10 o’clock Rock children is available for download.

ShoreLine – Contributors Needed

Adam is putting together our September magazine. If you have anything to contribute, please get in touch with him. shorelineeditor@hotmail.com

Bible Art

Rev’d Jess writes about this week’s Gospel: 

‘Get Thee Behind Me Satan. In last week's reading Peter was told that he would be the rock upon which Jesus would build his church, and he walked with Jesus through all sorts of experiences, and then, suddenly, he gets this shocking response from Jesus, and you can imagine him turning away in shock as well as to hide his face from the others. Did he feel resentment at the strength of Jesus's words? Did he feel ashamed? We know that Jesus restored Peter after his denials at the time of his death, and I feel that he would have helped Peter understand where his thinking had gone wrong in this incident and would have lifted the shame from him in some way. I gave Peter curly black hair along with a tradition which seems to be quite widely spread, but it has made him look more childish than like a young man’.

And finally... 

The Church of the Good Shepherd holding a socially distanced service.

…this is what a full church looks like during the pandemic! The 10am service last Sunday was at capacity. It was moving to see so many of you back in church. Our pattern of worship in church and on Zoom is likely to be adjusted later in September, after the PCC meets, and as we explore what works best for us during this strange time of social distancing. Do keep an eye on the notices for future changes. 

Thanks to Jill Charlish for the photo.

Please contact me if you have any concerns, would like a chat or ask for prayer. 

Revd Jane.